Wholesale Loungewear for the Remote Worker


The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a lot of major changes in the ways we live our everyday lives. One such change is the massive transition from in-person to remote work. Thousands of people are now working from home, and it doesn’t look like the trend will end with the pandemic’s conclusion; a study conducted in May 2021 indicates that 70% of companies plan to adopt at least a hybrid work model.

In tandem with this development is an evolution of what constitutes business attire. After all, “office wear” can feel a bit overly formal without an office, and unless you’re on a video call, your outfit won’t even be seen. As a result, many employees are seeking out clothing that reflects this new reality, with a focus on comfort, rather than presentation. In short, loungewear is the new business attire, and it’s important that boutiques like yours adapt to this increasing demand and deliver the absolute best to customers. Today, we’re looking at some of our most popular wholesale loungewear pieces that will keep customers comfortable during work hours.

The Best in Loungewear Tops

A loungewear top can make or break a stay-at-home fit; it should be light-weight and breezy, and something that isn’t cumbersome to wear. Most importantly, like with all good clothing, it should reflect the wearer’s personality! This wholesale women’s tie dye top is a great choice for customers who want something a little more colorful than the norm. Or, for animal lovers, we recommend this wild animal print top!

Joggers, Sweats, and Other Loungewear Pants

A comfortable pair of pants might just be the most important part of a lounging outfit. Most people probably think of the classic pair of gray sweatpants, but there’s no reason your customers can’t lounge in a little more style! These peach-colored wholesale jogger pants feature an elastic waist and a loose fit, and are a fun alternative to the monochromes of typical sweats.  For an even more exciting look, consider these wholesale tie dye drawstring pants!

Essential Loungewear Leggings

Leggings and loungewear are almost synonymous, and is it any wonder why? Leggings are the epitome of comfort, which is why they’ve remained in style for so many years. It’s still winter weather, though, so to keep your customers warm, we recommend this pair of wholesale fleece leggings, which are made to keep them cozy while on the clock.

Two-Piece Loungewear Sets

Pajamas or work outfit? For remote workers, our wholesale two-piece loungewear sets can be both! Find sets that fit your customers’ tastes. Do they like to stand out? This long sleeve animal print two-piece set is as captivatingly cute as it is comfortable, and  this two-piece lace up set is a unique option that they’re sure to love. Do they prefer bright textures and fun colors? This neon orange fuzzy set is the way to go!


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