LA Fashion District

LA Fashion District Wholesale Clothing Supplier

Spanning over 100 blocks, the LA Fashion District is a business improvement district in Los Angeles. It is a fashion industry hub that caters to both wholesalers and retailers, which is why Wholesale Fashion Trends has its own showroom located in the heart of the district.


Once referred to as the “Garment District” of Los Angeles, the LA Fashion District is home to thousands of businesses that sell everything from fabrics to footwear. Whether in search of a wholesale marketplace or retail stores, you’re sure to find it in this walkable hub of clothing, jewelry, textiles, and more. 

The LA Fashion District includes businesses that sell at a variety of price points. From luxury branded attire to more affordable pieces, there are tens of thousands of options to choose from.

Our showroom in particular specializes in affordable, quality apparel, including blouses, pants, dresses, and outerwear. We also allow customers to place an order during their visit, making shopping a breeze!

Getting There

There are over 100 parking options available in the area, but if you’d rather take public transit, use the Metro DASH Bus. Once you’ve arrived, the area is extremely walkable, with little distance between one store and the next.

Getting Around

There are over 4,000 businesses operating out of the LA Fashion District, which means it can be a little overwhelming when trying to get around. That’s why the district has been divided into 17 distinct categories, which you can view on this walking map. Because many similar types of stores or products are grouped together by location, you can use the map to easily navigate to an area most likely to have a certain type of apparel, such as men’s wear or women’s wear.

A large number of the businesses are a part of the wholesale market, but many offer retail services as well. Be on the lookout for signs that indicate whether a business is “wholesale or retail” or “wholesale only”. If you don’t see a sign, ask the owner!

Business Hours

Many of the stores in the district are open from 10am to 5pm, but this can, of course, vary by store. If you have a particular shop in mind, it’s a good idea to contact them ahead of time, especially because some stores may require an appointment in advance.

Wholesale Fashion Trends is open from 9am to 5pm, with no appointment required. If you don’t have a chance to visit us during business hours, though, we’re always just a click away at!

Buying Apparel

Most showrooms and stores will accept both cash and credit card, but there may be some exceptions. It’s recommended that you bring a little cash for parking and shopping purposes.

Also note that you will need a wholesale license in order to shop in wholesale only stores, though other requirements, such as minimum order quantity, will vary store to store. It’s best to call ahead if you’re unsure.

Visit Our Showroom Today

You can visit our showroom at 2416 East 16th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90021 to see our extensive collection in person. Contact us if you have any questions at We look forward to seeing you there!