Must-Have Accessories This Summer

With summer just around the corner, it’s time for boutiques to start stocking up on some must-have summer accessories. Luckily, Wholesale Fashion Trends has the hottest wholesale accessories for the season.


The bright, sunshiny days of summer necessitate a good pair of quality sunglasses, and Wholesale Fashion Trends carries pairs that come in every shape, size, and color you can imagine. This assortment of retro squared sunglasses looks like it came straight out of the 70s, perfect for those customers with a retro aesthetic. Meanwhile, fans of cat eye shaped lenses will adore the sunglasses in this assortment of dazey shades. Or, perhaps your clientele prefers thin frames and more rounded edges, in which case we recommend this assortment of aviator sunglasses.


We’ve written before about some of our hottest jewelry this year, but there are plenty of other standout pieces that we didn’t have room to mention, beginning with our earrings. This beautiful pair of heart-shaped hoop earrings definitely deserves some love and recognition, and for people that don’t have pierced ears, we offer heart-shaped clip-on earrings as well! Alternatively, these super fun cactus earrings call to mind deserts and warmer weather, perfect for summer.

Necklaces, of course, are an equally important accessory. For formal occasions, we offer this stunning twisted pearl necklace (which comes with a matching set of earrings). Or, in keeping with the theme of hearts and love, we have this triple chain “love” necklace and earring set.

Bracelets and anklets can tie a look together. Want some simple gold and silver pieces to sell in your store? This gold and silver anklet set is sure to be a hit with customers, and this simple gold stone bracelet is a subtle yet striking addition to any outfit. For something more colorful and less reserved, these beaded and threaded bracelets are a great choice.

Hair Accessories

Last but not least: hair accessories. From headbands to hair ties, there are tons of options that depend on anything from length of hair to personal style, though one of our most popular accessories is the hair clip. Mini hair clips like these flower-shaped ones, or these shell-shaped ones, are perfect for making small adjustments and keeping hair out of the face. Teeth hair clips like these fruit-themed ones are also popular for holding large amounts of hair in place.

If the hair is long enough, hair ties and scrunchies are also great options for keeping hair off the shoulders, especially when the weather gets especially stifling. These assorted bandana-style hair ties and these paisley hair ties are equally stylish options that customers will enjoy just as much for their style as for their practicality. If they’d prefer to forgo the ends of the tie hanging down from their ponytail, these assorted scrunchies are just as unique and come in all sorts of patterns, too.

Headbands are yet another option to hold your hair back, especially for people with shorter hair that can’t be tied back into a ponytail. These assorted knotted headbands have an almost vintage look and are covered with a dotted fabric. Alternatively, these tie-dye headbands are perfect for fans of more colorful styles.

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