Popular Wholesale Jewelry for Your Boutique

From beautiful bracelets to dazzling rings, Wholesale Fashion Trends has an expansive collection of on-trend jewelry for your boutique. Today, we’re taking a look at some of our hottest pieces by type, with plenty of examples that you can purchase for your store today!


Colorful, stackable bracelets are the big trend in 2022, and this assortment of colorful fruit bracelets serves as just one example. We also offer these assorted charm bracelets in multiple colors, as well as these small bracelets with floral charms. The bracelets are made of thread and can be worn alone or as just one of many similar pieces.

Many other bracelets that we offer include symbols of the hamsa hand and nazars, both popular amulets that are signs of protection against the “evil eye” in many different cultures. These women’s gold evil eye bracelets are one option, or, if you enjoyed the threaded bracelets we mentioned above, consider these assorted evil eye bracelets.


Gems and stones are always going to be a must for any earring collection, and this assortment of colored stone earrings provides plenty of fun choices for your customers. Or, consider these cute, heart-shaped earrings, which are studded with tiny gems and come in multiple colors!

Another classic? Hoop earrings, of course! But, unlike regular hoops, ours come with a bit of a twist, in the form of these lovely women’s gold filigree hoop earrings.

For a more in-depth look at the earrings we offer, we invite you to check out our blog post on the biggest earring trends of 2022.


Simple necklaces offer an elegant touch without distracting from the rest of an outfit. For something subtle yet striking, try this gold plated butterfly necklace set - It even comes with a matching pair of earrings! If silver’s more your style, this silver cubic zirconia feet pendant necklace should do the trick.

We also recommend necklaces with large, eye-catching designs at the center, like the large pendant on this semi-precious stone necklace. For something a little more geometric, try this long adjustable multi arrow triangle necklace set, which includes matching earrings.


There’s a lot you can do with rings. Some can act as statement pieces all on their own. Some are great for stacking. But regardless of their function, all of our rings are sure to catch your customers’ eyes. This assortment of gold steel rings contains half a dozen unique bands that would work well as stacking rings. If you’re looking for a silver option, try this assortment of silver steel rings!

For some bigger rings that can stand all on their own, consider these eclectic smiley face rings, which come in all sorts of fun colors. Or, spread a little love with this pretty assortment of heart-shaped rings.

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