Wholesale Midi Dresses for Every Occasion

No wardrobe is complete without a midi dress (or multiple midi dresses, if we’re being honest). What’s a midi dress, you may ask? As the name suggests, a midi dress falls around “mid”-calf. It’s slightly longer than a mini dress, slightly shorter than a maxi dress, and just the right length for any casual or formal affair. We’re examining the best ways to style some of our favorite midi dresses for casual and formal affairs alike. Check out our recommendations, and stock up on midi dresses from Wholesale Fashion Trends for your boutique today!

A Nice Day Outside

If your customers are looking for a dress to wear to the beach or for a walk outside on a nice day, you’ll want to provide them with something lightweight and flowy, like this sleeveless high-low midi dress, which features a v-neck and comes in one of three pastel colors. Alternatively, this sleeveless ruffle midi dress comes in a gorgeous salmon color and would be a lovely beach day option. Of course, if the weather is chilly, your customers may want something with sleeves, in which case we suggest this long sleeve eyelet knit midi dress.

An Afternoon Lunch Date

For those looking to dress up their look a little while still keeping it casual, we highly recommend this front tie cut out midi dress. At first glance, it looks like a matching two-piece set; in reality, the dress connects in the back, making it a super fun and intriguing option to wear for a lunch date. For a similar silhouette that’s a bit classier in style, try this detailed ribbed midi dress instead. Or, for something with more frills, try this ruffled, button up midi dress, which is speckled with large polka dots.

A Formal Affair

Whether it’s a company outing, dinner date, or some sort of reception, a formal event needs formal attire. Luckily, customers in need of something fancier than the items above need not fret! For those more formal outings, dresses like this sleeveless side-ruched midi dress are the way to go. Or, if your customers want something with a lace detailing, check out this sleeveless lace midi dress, which features intricate, floral patterns. For another lace option, consider this eye-catching, two-piece lace tassel midi dress.

A Night on the Town

Finally, for an evening of food, dancing, and other fun, we suggest stocking up on some of our flashier midi dresses. This side slit midi dress is covered in sparkly sequins, and comes in charcoal or mauve. Equally stunning is this v-neck bodycon midi dress, which comes in a lovely shade of gold. Of course, our matte options are no less dazzling; this bodycon ruched midi dress comes in lavender or peach, and is a great choice as well.

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