Wholesale Hair Accessories for the Season

Hair accessories are popular throughout the year, but as the weather gets increasingly warmer, getting hair out of the face and off the shoulders goes from simple fashion choice to full-on necessity. Today, we’re looking at three types of wholesale hair accessories that you can purchase from Wholesale Fashion Trends today! Whether your boutique carries simple styles or the latest in wild trends, we’re sure to have something to suit your store.


Headbands are officially making a comeback. Unlike ponytail holders and scrunchies, they can be worn by people with short or long hair, which only adds to their appeal. The most popular headband styles for 2022 are covered in loose fabric, like these multi-colored tie-dye headbands

Many variations tie in the middle; these animal print headbands and these assorted knotted polka dot headbands are just two examples. 

Embellished headbands like these pearl-covered options are also becoming increasingly popular, as are patterned varieties, like these animal print headbands.

Not all headbands are shaped in a permanent arch; we also carry adjustable fabric headbands in a variety of pastel colors! These are great for a more casual affair, or for a workout.

Hair Ties

For people with longer hair, hair ties are an easy, go-to option. What distinguishes this style from your typical ponytail holder or scrunchie are the two strips of fabric that hang off from the elastic tie. Wholesale Fashion Trends carries plenty of different hair tie styles, which come in every color, pattern, and shade imaginable. 

We have lovely floral options, such as these daisy-adorned hair ties, or these multi-colored hair ties, which are patterned with pink and white flowers. These are great options for the beach, or just a sunny day out with friends!

If your customers are fans of more intricate paisley patterns, consider this assortment of paisley pattern hair ties, or this classic bandanna patterned hair tie set. Both are intricately detailed options that would be fitting for an informal daytime outfit.

For customers who prefer something simple and elegant, these solid-colored hair ties are adorned with a single row of pearls. They’re excellent options for customers that want something just a step above casual.

Hair Clips

Hair clips are another option well-suited for hair of any length, even a pixie cut! Our clips come in all shapes and sizes to suit any kind of customer. 

Looking for some unique clips for customers? Our set of assorted fruit-themed hair clip combs are well-suited to people with a colorful sense of style; for something a little more laid back, we also have shell-shaped hair clips.

Perhaps your boutique is in need of some more basic styles. In that case, try our black jaw-shaped clips or our neutral-colored mini hair clips!

Interested in our wholesale hair accessories? Reach out to us today with any questions, and be sure to sign up for our mailing list to get first access to discounts on all of our wholesale clothing and hair accessories.