The Ultimate Guide to Styling a Cardigan

Styling a Cardigan


Cardigans are essential pieces of outerwear, especially in the fall and winter, but it can be hard to know how to wear them when they come in so many different colors, lengths, shapes, and sizes. Today, we’re breaking down the basics, and showing you how to style all sorts of cardigans in your boutique.

Wrap Cardigans and Skinny Jeans

We begin with the sophisticated wrap cardigan, which is distinct from other cardigans in that it ties in the front. This type of cardigan is an excellent choice if you want to draw attention to the waist. It results in a stunning hourglass silhouette which pairs best with bottoms like skinny jeans, as they offer a contrast to the looser fit of this particular outerwear. Try pairing this ¾ sleeve self-wrap cardigan with jeans and knee-high boots or a pair of heels.

Long Cardigans and Camis

Long cardigans, like this long sleeve pink cardigan, are a great option if your customers are looking for something versatile that will complement most outfits while making them look taller. They look lovely with simple camis, tanks, and t-shirts, or thin sweaters. Because of the way the cardigan falls, it pairs best with straight pieces, like pencil skirts and skinny jeans.

Short Cardigans and High-Waisted Bottoms

Short cardigans end around the waistline, making them an especially flattering choice when wearing high-waisted bottoms or pieces that are cinched at the waist. For a cardigan that will look fabulous with fit-and-flare dresses, high-waisted jeans, and a-line skirts, try a piece like this red, long-sleeve short cardigan

Basic Cardigans and Belts

Basic cardigans can be cute on their own, but sometimes the outfit just needs a little something extra. For some added shape, try putting a belt over a plain cardigan like this one. Complete the look with ankle boots and a pair of skinny denim jeans.

Sleeveless Cardigans and Sweaters

Most winter cardigans have sleeves, but sleeveless cardigans like this one are a unique option that your customers can wear all year round! Pair the cardigan with a long sleeve shirt or fun sweater to stay warm and create an inimitable silhouette. This look works well with either high- or low-waisted jeans, and a pair of sneakers or ankle boots!

Patterned Pieces and Simple Shirts

Colorful or patterned cardigans are super cute, but it can be hard to tie more eccentric pieces like this animal print cardigan into a full ensemble. The trick is to pair the piece with basics. Whites, blacks, grays, and beiges are good go-to options. You can also try picking one color out of the cardigan, and then try to match it. This striped cardigan, for example, sports black, pink, navy, and stripes. Choose one and find a shirt that matches the color, then pair with jeans and a simple pair of sneakers.

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