The Hottest Activewear Pieces this Season

Are you on the hunt for some trendy activewear pieces this season? Look no further than Wholesale Fashion Trends! From biker shorts to hoodies, we have a diverse collection of wholesale activewear and athleisure pieces that’s sure to delight and amaze your customers. Why don’t we take a look at some of our hottest activewear pieces that are available for purchase now?

Biker Shorts

Our biker shorts, or cycling shorts, are designed with comfort in mind. Don’t be fooled by the name, though; these above-the-knee bottoms are meant to improve performance and discourage chafing while engaging in all sorts of physical activities, not just cycling. 

Check out these women’s biker shorts, which come in black, ice blue, and navy. Or, try out this collection of black, blue, mauve, and white shorts.


Did you know that modern-day leggings began to take off as early as the 1950s? Seven decades later, leggings are still incredibly popular, especially in the world of activewear; you really can’t talk about fitness apparel without talking about leggings. Similar to biker shorts, leggings are skin-tight garments that are meant to improve comfort while exercising. The only difference is their length; leggings typically fall somewhere below the knee.

We have lots of great options for you to choose from. Our pair of women’s active leggings is well-suited for physical activities of all kinds, from morning stretches to intensive cardio. Alternatively, for leggings with additional insulation, try these women’s fleece leggings.

Active Sets

Maybe your customers find it to be a bit of a hassle to mix and match the right tops and bottoms for a workout session. Maybe they just want some stylish fitness apparel that is guaranteed to look and feel good together. Enter our 2-piece and 3-piece activewear sets! These sets combine sports bras or tank tops with leggings and joggers; some also include jackets for those brisk morning jogs. This seamless active set comes with a top, leggings, and a breathable outer layer, so your buyers can work out in style.

Jogger Pants & Sweatpants

Sweatpants are yet another vital component of a work out wardrobe, and we have some super fun wholesale joggers and sweatpants for your store. These brushed sel tie jogger pants come in a gorgeous rust color, and are good for people looking for a staple piece that will match their other activewear. But, if you want something a bit more colorful, these tie dye jogger pants are perfect!


Hoodies have remained popular since their inception around the 1930s, and are the natural companion pieces to our aforementioned sweatpants and leggings. They serve as comfortable post-workout tops that also double as casual top options on rest days. 

If you’re looking for a simple hoodie, try this raw edge hooded sweater with pockets. For a patterned option, consider this camo print hooded top!


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