The Best Wholesale Leggings of 2022

It’s a fundamental truth that the fashion world is ever-changing. Yet, it seems that leggings are here to stay, and for good reason. Leggings are one of the most versatile garments out there, and have managed to become a staple clothing item in the worlds of activewear and loungewear alike. In fact, you’d likely be hard-pressed to find a woman in the US today who doesn’t own at least one pair of leggings.

That’s why Wholesale Fashion Trends has a variety of unique, stylish leggings for boutiques to put in their stores. Today, we’re looking at a few of our favorite leggings that are sure to be a hit with the trendsetters of 2022, divided into three categories: activewear, fleece, and patterned.


Active Leggings

While leggings can certainly be worn casually, they’re perhaps best known as activewear (or athleisure, which combines active and loungewear). Whether it’s jogging, hiking, or a workout at the gym, most workouts can be completed in a durable pair of leggings.

 Wholesale Fashion Trends carries a collection of active two-piece top and leggings sets that look as fierce as they are functional. This women’s pink two-piece set is a super stylish option for customers in need of activewear, but if they want something a little less colorful, we also carry this equally stunning black two-piece set, or this pretty, light gray two-piece set.


Fleece Leggings

When the weather gets cold, it’s time to break out the fleece leggings! While our active leggings are more suitable for jogging, yoga, or other physical activity, these leggings are ideal for casual outings in brisk weather. Customers will enjoy wearing these types of leggings as a warm alternative to jeans or even as pajama bottoms when it gets especially chilly. Our personal favorite? This pair of cozy fleece leggings, which comes in either black or gray and would pair well with a thick sweater and sneakers.


Patterned Leggings

 For something a little more fun and a little less simple, Wholesale Fashion Trends also carries a diverse collection of patterned leggings! From animal prints to camouflage, these wild and crazy designs adorn our matching two-piece sets of tops and leggings! Take a look at this absolutely gorgeous zebra print two-piece set, which includes a pair of leggings and sports bra. Or, consider this tank top and leggings camo two-piece set, which comes in either gray or taupe. Interested in the leggings, sans top? We also carry a pair of camo-print leggings!

If neither of those patterns are up your alley, why not purchase this fun multi-dot two-piece set? This light-colored tank and leggings combo is speckled with streaks of color for a unique look that customers are sure to adore!



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