How to Style Your Romper This Spring

Rompers take the guesswork out of creating an outfit combining the shirt and shorts into one gorgeous garment. It may seem like this limits your ability to get creative with an outfit. After all, if the top and the bottom are literally attached at the hip, how are your customers supposed to customize their look? 

Today, we’re going to show you just four of the unique ways you can style a romper this spring. And the best part? These looks are available at Wholesale Fashion Trends!


Wear a Blazer or Cardigan Over the Romper

If the weather hasn’t quite bounced back from the chill of winter, pair your romper with a blazer for a sophisticated look that’ll keep you warm during the days of early spring. This sleeveless ruffle crochet romper comes in bright blue, green, or red, and would pair super well with this long sleeve button closure blazer.

For a more casual affair, try a cardigan! This short sleeve zip up floral eyelet romper would look lovely with this teddy fleece button down cardigan.


Wear a T-Shirt Underneath the Romper

You can completely change the style of a low-cut and/or sleeveless romper by wearing a t-shirt underneath it. This floral print v-neck romper, for example, would look super cute with a white round-neck t-shirt underneath. 

This sleeveless elastic waist romper would also be incredibly stylish with a shirt underneath. Why not try this short sleeve smock top, and take the look from summer chic to sophisticated in springtime?


Wear Tights Underneath the Romper

Another way to ensure your legs stay warm in cooler weather is by layering tights underneath your romper, which can take the look from casual to classy. This ruffle v-neck floral romper sports bright pink flowers. Imagine a matching pair of pink tights underneath!

Or, try pairing this off-shoulder coconut print romper with yellow tights, to match the yellow polka dot pattern of the fabric.


Wear the Romper by Itself!

Sometimes, we don’t want to mess with a good thing, and that’s okay! Wearing a romper without some additional outer or inner layer can be just as stylish as the examples we’ve listed above. This is especially true for flowy or patterned pieces that simply don’t need any additional pieces to make the outfit fabulous.

This short sleeve paisley print romper is absolutely adorable on its own; just pair with some heels or sandals, and you’re all good to go! We also sell this eye-catching one sleeve ruffle romper, which is sure to be the talk of any occasion.

We’ve only covered a few of the ways you and your customers can style a romper in a way that reflects your unique taste and style. So play around with it, see what works! You might just discover the next fashion trend.



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