Finding Inventory to Start a Boutique

Are you trying to start a boutique? One of the first things you’ll need to decide on is where to source your inventory. There are a few routes you can take when buying wholesale clothing; let’s take a look at some of your best options.


Attend a Trade Show

Trade shows are suppliers’ opportunity to showcase their latest and greatest products. Usually, there are some restrictions on who can attend, ie. you must be a representative of a licensed business.

The benefits are clear: you get to interact with a wide variety of wholesalers, you can view products in person, and you can establish relationships with suppliers. However, the convenience of a trade show is highly dependent on whether or not there is one happening near you. If you need inventory now, and the nearest trade show in the next 6 months is hundreds of miles away, you’re going to have to cover those travel costs.


Visit the LA Fashion District

Trade shows are temporary, but the Los Angeles Fashion District has thousands of permanent brick and mortar businesses – wholesale included – with apparel and accessories that you can choose from for your boutique. Wholesale Fashion Trends has a showroom located in the heart of the LA Fashion District, which is easily accessible via car or public transit. From here, you can peruse some of our hundreds of options, from dresses to blazers. You can read more about our LA Showroom here.

Visiting this prolific fashion district is obviously a great choice if your boutique is going to be someone nearby in Los Angeles. Otherwise, it might be a bit of a trek! However, if you are close, this gives you immediate access to countless options for your store that you can view in person.


Use an Online Wholesale Supplier

Perhaps the option that allows for the most flexibility is using an online wholesale supplier, since it doesn’t require the physical proximity of buyer to seller. While we do have a physical location, much of our business is done online at Here, you can buy topsbottomsjewelry, and more, and have them delivered right to your boutique!

We offer free shipping on mainland orders over $300, or, if you prefer, you can arrange to pick up your order in person. We even ship internationally! Just add to your cart, and your price will be determined by weight at checkout.

The small downside to using an online supplier is that you can’t examine the products in person. We work to minimize this drawback by providing detailed descriptions of each piece’s materials and dimensions. Still, if you’re ever unhappy with a purchase from us, we allow full refunds within three days of purchase. Read our full policy here. 



Are you looking for a place to buy clothes to start a boutique? Consider visiting Wholesale Fashion Trends, in person or online! Be sure to also sign up for our mailing list to get first access to Wholesale Fashion Trends discounts.