Denim Trends in 2022

While denim doesn’t seem like it’ll be going out of style anytime soon, the ways in which we wear it have changed a lot over the years. Denim started out as practical wear, and slowly evolved. Denim cut-offs gained traction in the late 70s, denim-on-denim was huge in the 80s and 90s, and the waists of jeans have gone from low to high and back again in just a couple decades. Today, we’re looking at just a few of the trendiest ways people are wearing denim in 2022, along with a few examples of wholesale denim pieces that you can buy for your boutique today!

Straight Leg Jeans

Jean cuts fall in and out of fashion on an almost annual basis, but one particular style seems to be gaining steam this year: straight leg jeans. A classic cut to be sure, straight leg styles are making their comeback, now that the skinny jean style, a trend that defined the 2010s, has released its vice grip on the world. Jeans like this pair of mid-rise straight denim bottoms are certain to catch customers’ eyes. If they prefer a high-rise waist, check out this pair of high-rise wedgie straight denim jeans.

High-Rise Waists

High-rise waists have remained popular over the last few years, and 2022 is no exception. We have plenty of wholesale high-rise jeans and shorts that you can choose from. This pair of stretch high-rise denim jeans is made with a comfortable cotton/poly blend and spandex for some added stretch. Alternatively, this pair of smock waist denim shorts is a great option for spring and summer.

Distressed Denim

We have the punk movement of the 70s to thank for the popularity of distressed denim, and though the style has been normalized enough to have lost some of its intrinsically rebellious edge, it’s still a good choice for customers who want to capture that counterculture vibe. This distressed denim skirt is frayed at the edges, with a bit of intentional wear and tear on either side. For an even more retro look, check out this fringe detail jacket, which features a striking fringe lining on the sleeves and the bottom of the jacket.

Unique Denim Tops & Rompers

When we say “denim” your first thought is probably “jackets”, “jeans/pants”, or “shorts”. But denim tops, rompers, and set pieces are slowly finding their footing in the mainstream fashion world. While the first popular denim shirts of decades past had an unmistakable Western cowboy influence - in part due to the material’s practicality - today’s denim tops are much more versatile, and speak to a myriad of personal styles and tastes. This super stylish zip-up denim romper is the perfect example of how the trend of denim continues to evolve. Another lovely choice is this off-shoulder denim smock top, which would be excellent for a summer day outdoors.


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