Bulk Earrings for Your Boutique

If you’re a boutique on the hunt for the hottest earrings, look no further than Wholesale Fashion Trends. We understand how important accessories can be to an outfit, which is why we offer a variety of wholesale bulk earrings, so you can provide your customers with the best of the best.

 Here are just a few of the earrings we offer. (Be sure to look on our jewelry page for even more fashionable earrings and accessories!)


Colorful Shape Earrings

For a wide variety of shapes and designs, check out these assorted earrings, which come in a six pack. From ruby red to lavender, these earrings come in all the colors of the rainbow, with each pack showcasing a different color set. Some are shaped like flowers, some are shaped like hearts, but all of these earrings are absolute must-haves!


Assorted Flower Earrings

These stunning flower earrings also come in packs of six. Each pair features large, eye-catching flowers, which are attached to a smaller, shinier flower of jewels. Pair these with a crochet top and bell bottom jeans for the ultimate flower power look!


Leather Bow Earrings

For a super sophisticated look, check out these vegan leather bow earrings. They come in packs of three, and you can select one of nine colors! These simple bows are a smart way to dress up a business casual ensemble.


Heart Hoop Earrings

These earrings are reminiscent of classic hoops, but with a twist: they’re shaped like hearts! Spread the love with our metal heart-shaped hoop earrings, which come in packs of six. They’d make a beautiful addition to a casual first-date outfit.


Metal Cactus Earrings

For a look straight out of the wild west, consider these metal cactus earrings, which come in packs of three. They’re the perfect way to spice up an outfit, such as a solid-colored top, jeans, and cowboy boots.


Braided Leaf Earrings

Available in seven different colors, these cork braided leaf earrings are showstoppers for sure. These large earrings come in packs of three, and are Intricately woven in both solid and patterned styles that can take an outfit to the next level.


Chain Link Earrings

Our chain link zinc casting earrings are absolutely gorgeous additions to an outfit. The chains wrap around to form a circle, a twist on the timeless hoop style. They come in packs of three, and are available in either silver or gold.


Metal Hoop Earrings

To round out the list, we bring you the most popular earring style of them all. These metal hoop earrings come in silver or gold, and feature a small black stripe in the middle. Though these earrings could be worn with any kind of outfit, we’re especially fond of pairing them with a sweater dress and boots for a wintry night on the town. Grab your pack of six pairs today!


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