An Introduction to Maxi Dresses

The maxi dress is one of the most popular styles this year, and today, we’re breaking down what makes a dress a maxi dress, the history of the style, and the unique ways in which your boutique can style our wholesale maxi dresses to best suit your customers.

What Makes a Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses are, most notably, long dresses that reach a length at least approaching the ankles. However, there are a couple of other traits that differentiate them from other long options, such as floor-length ball gowns.

Rather than hugging the legs or protruding outwards at the waist like other styles, a maxi dress is markedly “flowy,” using loose, billowy fabric that falls naturally and creates an almost ethereal silhouette. The material is typically lightweight and able to be moved by a gentle breeze, though there are exceptions. This sleeveless tie-dye style is a perfect example of your typical maxi dress; it’s lightweight, loose, and at a length that brushes the ankles.

A Brief History of the Maxi Dress

Before the late 1960s, mini and midi dresses were the height of fashion. Then, famed designer Oscar de la Renta created a cotton lace maxi dress that was highlighted in The New York Times in 1968, and the rest is history. The style quickly became popular, making its mark on 70s fashion. Today, it’s still an incredibly popular option for anything from formal gatherings to a casual day at the beach.

How to Style Maxi Dresses for Any Occasion

If we were to play a game of word association, the phrase “maxi dress” might prompt responses like “boho” or “beach,” and make no mistake: plenty of our wholesale maxi dresses fit that mold. But you might be surprised to discover a variety of more creative, and even formal, options that your boutique may want to consider. Here are some tips and tricks on how to style the different types of maxi dresses we have available for any occasion.

A Day at the Beach

As we mentioned above, many consider maxi dresses to be an inherently casual, beach-day option, and we certainly have a large selection of maxi dresses that suit that need perfectly. One such option is this swiss dot maxi dress, which sports ruffle sleeves and a shorter skirt underneath a longer, translucent one; it’s a lovely choice for a sunny day walking along the beach. Alternatively, this ruffle crochet detail maxi dress is a bright and stand-out choice for a day by the water.

Date Night

If your customers need a nice piece that’s a little dressier than our options above, but still isn’t quite a party dress, you’re in luck. This off-shoulder polka dot maxi dress gives off fun, vintage vibes, which are perfect for a swing dance date at the local dance hall. For another option, this star print maxi dress gives the illusion of wearing a shirt and skirt. It’s a great choice for a dinner date!

A Formal Event

Looking for a maxi dress your customers could realistically wear to a fancy event? Take a look at this sequined detail bodycon maxi dress. With a super flattering silhouette and open back design, it’s sure to steal the show at any event. Or, for something a little less flashy but no less elegant, this casino satin halter maxi dress is an excellent choice.

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