7 Winter Dresses Your Customers Will Love


Colder weather and dresses aren’t the most intuitive combination. However, there are plenty of fun options for customers who aren’t ready to put away their favorite pieces for the winter. Today we’re looking at 7 of our most popular dresses of the season, from mini dresses to floor-length gowns. Some are great for layering, some are already made with winter weather in mind, but all are beautiful options for your boutique that you can order and have shipped from the US today!


Long Sleeve Hoodie Mini Dress

We begin with an option that was clearly made with cold weather in mind. A creative twist on a classic pullover, this mini dress is a casual and cozy choice for your customers. It has long sleeves and a hood for added warmth, and comes in one of two colors: cool mint green or delicate pink. Pair with black tights and dark shoes for a super cute look!


Paisley Border Cutout Maxi Dress

For something a little more formal, we present this gorgeous cutout maxi dress. With long, bunched sleeves and an open back that connects in the front, it makes for a truly stunning silhouette that would be great for a fancy event. This floor-length dress comes in a beautiful paisley print that is either red or yellow, and pairs well with nude-colored heels or wedges.


Long Sleeve Self-Tie Midi Dress
This self-tie midi dress is just oozing with mystery and sophistication! Sporting a seemingly trench-inspired silhouette and grid print, it’s a unique choice that’s sure to catch the eye of your most discerning customers. It comes in either brown or gray, and looks great with tights and a pair of black flats or ankle boots.


The Iconic “Little Black Dress”
No list of dresses would be complete without this timeless addition. Today's “little black dress” is a long-sleeve lace mini dress. It’s eye-catching enough for a holiday celebration or night out, but simple enough that it will pair well with virtually any winter layers, from a pair of fun tights to a warm, faux fur coat.


Silver Mini Gown
It doesn’t get more festive than this shiny, silver mini gown. Customers will look absolutely radiant in its asymmetrical silhouette and reflective material. Pair with a faux fur shawl for a fun, yet elegant, look.


Tiered Lace Trim Mini Dress
This simple dress has a lot of potential, both as a standalone statement piece and as one component in an outfit of winter layers. The lace trim piece comes in a beautiful dark gray that will complement a pair of boots and a long coat exceptionally well.


High-Low Tunic Dress
Last but not least is a black tunic-style dress that differs starkly from the little black dress we called out before. Its unique silhouette resembles a warm winter poncho, and will certainly play the part well when paired with some fleece tights and a matching pair of boots. It’s a great option for a casual day in town.


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