5 Outerwear Trends for Boutiques in 2021

Fall is here, and winter is fast approaching, meaning customers will be looking for fashionable outer pieces that are going to keep them comfortable and warm in the cooler temperatures. Whether it’s sweatshirts, jackets, or cardigans, boutiques should pay close attention to the trends of the season, in order to make sure they have pieces in stock that are going to sell. Let’s take a look at five of the biggest wholesale women’s outerwear trends for Fall & Winter 2021, complete with some on-trend pieces that you can order today.

Faux Fur
Faux fur lining is a seasonal staple, and this fall is no exception. Customers are looking for fur collars and trim that add dimension to their outwear. The mid-length faux fur-lined quilted coat sports an eye-catching fur collar and soft lining, so the wearer can stay warm while looking chic. 
The long hooded faux fur lined velvet quilted reversible coat is an even more versatile option. The person can wear the coat with the quilted side facing outwards. Or, they can reverse the coat so that the faux fur is on full display. Either way, this women’s coal sports a distinct faux fur collar and stylish silhouette.

Quilted Fabric
A quilted jacket, such as this wholesale women’s hooded faux fur lined quilted jacket, is a practical yet bold option that customers have been eyeing this season. A good quilted jacket has almost always been an essential autumn accessory, but this year’s pieces are experimenting with a variety of fabrics and patterns to create new, refreshing looks. Be sure to stock up on different colors and quilted styles, like this women’s mid length hooded quilted reversible coat, which sports a unique horizontal quilted pattern.

Long Coats
Wholesale women’s long coats are very popular this year, in part thanks to the dramatic, sophisticated silhouettes they provide. This women’s long hooded faux fur lined velvet quilted coat is a perfect example of the look your customers will be searching for this season, and it can be paired with a simple sweater and denim jean combination. Make sure you have a selection of sleek and functional pieces like this wholesale women’s coat in your store, and provide different colors and textures for customers to choose from.

Cropped Jackets
On the other side of the coin, we have short or cropped wholesale women’s jackets. Short jackets rose to fame around that same time that high-waisted jeans became popular, as they complement each other exceptionally well. Since cropped outerwear hits around mid-waist instead of the thighs, it pairs perfectly with longer pieces, like maxi dresses, and maintains the silhouette achieved by high-waisted items. Stock up on pieces like this women’s short jacket this fall, and pair them with high-rise bottoms like these denim jeans for a super stylish look.

Hoodies are comfortable and pair well with most casual ensembles, so it’s not a surprise that it has remained a popular piece of outerwear for customers in 2021. Still, people want a hoodie that caters to their taste, so your boutique should strive for variety. This women’s tie dye hoodie sweater is perfect for those customers with a more colorful taste. For those looking for that cropped silhouette we mentioned earlier, this women’s cropped oversized hooded sweatshirt is perfect.

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