10 Wholesale Hoodies Your Boutique Needs in 2022

Hoodies are an essential item of clothing in anyone’s closet. They can be comfortable, stylish, simple, or totally unique! Wholesale Fashion Trends has a ton of hoodies to choose from, but today, we’re looking at ten of our favorites!


The Hoodie Vest

We begin with the unconventional women’s hoodie vest, which is a sleeveless top with a hood and drawstrings. This vest comes in either pink or blue, and it’s lightweight, making it perfect for a hot summer day. If you needed any proof that hoodies are always an option, no matter the season, this hoodie vest is it.


The Leopard Print Hoodie

For those customers with a wild side, we highly recommend this fierce leopard print hoodie! Covered in leopard spots and lined in black, it’s a stunning option that would pair well with some jeans and a pair of black sneakers.


The High Waist Hoodie

Customers looking for a hoodie that will pair well with their high-waisted jeans need look no further than this long sleeve French terry hoodie sweater! This top is scrunched at the waist with an elastic band, and comes in a beautiful shade of dusty rose.


The Printed Hoodie

This printed hoodie sweater has us seeing stars! If your customers like patterned pieces, they’ll absolutely love this hoodie, which is printed with white stars in various sizes.


The Cropped Hoodie

Unlike the high waist hoodie mentioned above, this neon green crop top hoodie falls even higher, just above the waist. It makes for a super stylish silhouette when paired with some mid-rise jeans.


The Front Tie Hoodie

This front tie hoodie top looks like a regular long-sleeved shirt at first glance, but it’s a hoodie just the same! This top features a multicolored hood and sleeves, and the front of the hoodie ties at the bottom.


The Ruffle Hoodie

Similar to the front tie hoodie, this v-neck ruffle top hoodie looks like a normal, long sleeve blouse you might wear to work, except this top also features a hood! This is a great choice for customers who want a hoodie that feels a little fancier than the typical options.


The Short Sleeve Hoodie

Just like the hoodie vest, this short-sleeve hoodie is great for warmer weather. It comes in three different colors and features drawstrings and a pouch pocket in the center.


The Zip Up Hoodie

This ribbed zip up hoodie comes in bubblegum pink and features long sleeves and a zipper. Customers can either wear the hoodie zipped up, or leave it open and show off the shirt underneath!


The Fuzzy Hoodie

We end our list with this fuzzy hoodie pullover, the ultimate option for customers looking for something truly warm and comfortable. It comes in ivory or caramel brown, and is perfect for bundling up on a chilly day.


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